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Career Reinvention
For Individuals

Do you feel like you're on a path that doesn't fully resonate with who you are or aspire to be? Our Career Reinvention service is here to change that! We're dedicated to helping you discover and align your career with your true passions.

Imagine a professional life where your work isn't just a job, but a reflection of your deepest interests and desires. It's time to reignite your excitement and open the door to a world of new possibilities!
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 Why get 1-on-1 Coaching?

Business Discussion


Personalized Attention

Receive dedicated one-on-one support tailored specifically to your unique career goals and challenges. Your reinvention coach will work closely with you to understand your aspirations, strengths, and areas for growth, ensuring a customized coaching experience.


Deep Dives into

Personal Challenges

Engage in in-depth deep dives of the personal barriers that may be hindering your career growth. Through confidential and empathetic coaching sessions, uncover and address underlying issues such as self-doubt, fear of change, or skill gaps.



Career Planning

Receive expert assistance in developing a strategic plan for your career. This plan is not just about making an immediate change but also about setting a trajectory for long-term growth and fulfillment in your professional life.


Accelerated Progress

With focused, one-on-one sessions, your progress is accelerated. Your coach will work intensively with you, addressing your specific needs and helping you overcome personal barriers more quickly and effectively than in group settings.


Flexible and Convenient

Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling sessions at your convenience, accommodating your busy lifestyle. Whether it’s face-to-face meetings, video calls, or phone sessions, the coaching process is designed to fit seamlessly into your life.


Emotional and

Mental Support:

The journey of career reinvention can be emotionally taxing. With individual coaching, you receive continuous emotional and mental support, helping you to stay resilient and positive throughout the process.


Grow Your Career

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Community Support

Connect with like-minded individuals who are also on the journey of career reinvention. Share experiences, challenges, and victories in a supportive and understanding environment.


Accountability and Motivation

Engage in an in-depth exploration of the personal barriers that may be hindering your career growth. Through confidential and empathetic coaching sessions, uncover and address underlying issues such as self-doubt, fear of change, or skill gaps.


Expert Guidance

Access to exclusive workshops, webinars, and Q&A sessions with career coaches, industry experts, and successful professionals who have navigated their own career transformations.


Networking Opportunities

Expand your professional network, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

Vision Pathways Approach


Sparking the desire for change, where individuals assess their motivations and what drives them towards seeking a new career path, setting the stage for transformation.

Present Context

Taking stock of the individual's current situation, evaluating skills, experiences, and challenges, to gain a clear understanding of where they stand and what they need to change.

New Paths

Exploring possibilities and identifying new career opportunities that align with the individual's passions, strengths, and the market's needs, encouraging expansive thinking.

Action Planning

Developing a structured plan with specific, achievable goals, timelines, and strategies, providing a clear roadmap for transitioning to the new career path.


Building resilience to navigate setbacks and maintain momentum, fostering a growth mindset and adaptability as key tools for long-term career success.

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Expected Outcomes

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Enhanced performance

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Clarity of purpose and direction

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Confidence building

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Action plan Development

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Mindset shift

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Ongoing Support

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Success Stories

What Clients Say

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Carly is one of those rare and very talented people who have incredible technical skills - Carly is one of the keenest minds I have ever worked with - and a soul and approach that is warm, real, inviting, and captivating. Carly is tough when she needs to be, and supportive when she needs to be. She was the one who said the things that others would not. I would work with Carly anytime, anywhere.

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EVP, Chief People Officer - Mike Grindell


  • What can I expect to achieve by the end of the reinvention coaching program?
    The program aims to provide clarity on your career goals, enhance relevant skills, boost confidence, expand your professional network, and develop a strategic action plan for your career transition.
  • How does the program help with networking and industry connections?
    We offer networking opportunities, including workshops and events, to connect you with professionals in your desired field and provide guidance on effective networking strategies.
  • Is the program suitable for someone with no clear idea of their next career move?
    Absolutely. The program is designed to help you explore various options and gain clarity on the path that best aligns with your skills and passions.
  • How long is the coaching program, and what is the time commitment?
    The program duration varies, but typically spans several weeks to months, with flexible scheduling to accommodate your current commitments.
  • Will the program assist with job placements?
    While we don’t directly place participants in jobs, we equip you with the tools, skills, and strategies to effectively pursue job opportunities in your new career field.
  • How does the coaching program enhance my performance in a new career?
    The program focuses on developing skills and strategies that directly contribute to enhanced performance in your chosen career path, ensuring you can excel in your new role.
  • In what ways will the program help me find clarity in my career direction?
    We provide tools and exercises to help you explore your interests and skills, leading to a clearer understanding of your career goals and the path to achieve them.
  • Can the program help build my confidence for a career change?
    Absolutely. We incorporate confidence-building strategies to prepare you for new challenges, ensuring you feel empowered to make bold career moves.
  • What kind of action plan can I expect to develop through this coaching?
    You'll create a personalized action plan outlining steps to transition into your new career, including skill development, networking, and job search strategies.
  • How does the program facilitate a mindset shift for career transition?
    Our approach encourages a positive and adaptable mindset, crucial for embracing change and overcoming challenges during your career transition.
  • What ongoing support and accountability can I expect after the program?
    We provide follow-up sessions and resources to ensure you stay on track with your goals and continue to receive guidance as needed.
  • What is the focus of your executive coaching for leaders?
    Our coaching is tailored to high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs who aspire to elevate their leadership capabilities. We concentrate on unlocking your full potential, enhancing strategic thinking, and cultivating a leadership style that not only achieves outstanding results but also fosters a culture of excellence and innovation within your organization.
  • How will the reinvention coaching program benefit our organization as a whole?
    The program is designed to align team goals with corporate strategy, develop leadership, foster innovation, and improve employee engagement and productivity.
  • Can the program be customized to our specific corporate needs and challenges?
    Yes, we tailor the program to address the unique needs and objectives of your organization, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.
  • What is the expected time frame for seeing tangible results from the program?
    Results can vary, but most organizations start seeing positive changes within a few months of program implementation.
  • How does the program facilitate change management within the corporation?
    Our program includes strategies and tools to effectively manage organizational changes, ensuring smooth transitions and minimal disruptions.
  • Is the program suitable for all levels of employees within the corporation?
    Yes, our program is designed to benefit employees at various levels, from entry-level to executive management, enhancing overall corporate cohesion and performance.
  • How does your consulting service align our organization’s various functions?
    We focus on aligning the goals and operations of different departments with the overall corporate strategy, enhancing coherence and efficiency.
  • What change management strategies do you implement in your consulting?
    Our approach includes comprehensive strategies for managing change effectively, minimizing resistance, and ensuring smooth transitions.
  • In what ways can your consulting service improve our company's performance?
    We identify areas for improvement and implement strategies that boost productivity, efficiency, and overall organizational performance.
  • How do you facilitate cross-functional collaboration through your consulting?
    We develop frameworks and practices that encourage and streamline collaboration across various departments, fostering innovation and problem-solving.
  • What is your approach to strategic planning in consulting?
    Our strategic planning focuses on long-term goals and the actionable steps needed to achieve them, tailored to your organization’s specific context.
  • How does your consulting service address mindset shifts within our organization?
    We work on cultivating a mindset that embraces change, innovation, and continuous improvement across all levels of the organization.
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